• December 2021

    interactive picture book for children | Director: Florian Raphael Panzer

  • October 2020

    German TV serie | Director: Marvin Litwak

    Collaboration with Natalie Hausmann!

  • July 2020
    Contemporary Music

    Commissioned composition for Choir, Big Band and Orchestra for the youth music festival Sachsen-Anhalt 2020

  • March 2020
    northern tales
    pop music

    An album of nine orchestral dreampop songs, which resulted from a cooperation between track15 and DFO Babelsberg and "The Remaining Part"

  • October 2019
    live strings - the womens' collective

    An album by track15, published by Sonoton

  • June 2019
    neoclassical scores

    An album by track15, published by Universal Productionmusic Germany

  • January 2019

    animated short film | Directors: Elisabeth Jakobi, Camille Geißler

    Collaboration with Robert Pilgram

  • October 2018
    ballots' ballett
    Contemporary Music

    an orchestral piece about women's suffrage in europe, premiered at the Festival of Lights, Leipzig 2018

  • May 2018
    human car

    short film | Director: Dieter Primig

  • May 2018
    how to die in a morgue - episode I

    Team: Daniel Rottinger, Juri Mackert, Michael Eifert

    "[...] if you like creepy adventures this is worth a play regardless." (PC Gamer)

  • February 2018
    plastic seas

    animated shortfilm | Director: Florian Raphael Panzer

  • February 2018
    the last gardener

    animated shortfilm | Director: Johannes Dreibach

  • January 2017
    eine zelle
    Contemporary Music

    a music theater for a cell, a blood cell and three hormones, accompanied by a biologist and a chamber ensemble, premiered at the HfM Dresden, January 2017

  • November 2016
    haus aus geschwärztem papier
    Contemporary Music

    Cooperation with Aeham Ahmad for the IMPULS Festival 2016

    "[...] Lyrical words of a poem at the end, which stand for reality. For burned houses, for suffering, for dying. But there is no external suffering. With Susanne Hardt's composition, it got damn close to the concert-goers! [...] "(Volksstimme, Hans Walter)

  • September 2016
    gespräch der gartenzwerge
    Contemporary Music

    a short piano piece for two players for the piano competition of the Carl Bechstein Stiftung

  • May 2016
    wasserschloss klaffenbach

    score for some advertisement spots about saxonian castles

  • June 2015
    der froschkönig
    Contemporary Music

    music theater for a speaker, eight singers and chamber ensemble, premiered at the HfM Dresden, June 2015